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Our Story is a division of NATIVE SUN SPORTS®, which was founded as ROCK N' ROLL CUSTOM-SCREENED SHIRTS, INC. in 1973 by G.A. (George) Mitcheson in a dirt floor garage in St. Petersburg, Florida..............

Over its 36 years, Native Sun® has made many friends and forged many strategic business alliances. One such friend is Mike Ryan, a longtime friend, angler and business associate of Mitcheson's from Bradenton, FL, who sports an impressive pedigree in casual sportswear, retailing and "for retail" apparel.

One day in April of '05 while discussing college T-shirt graphics and designs, the conversation turned to Fishing Designs. When Ryan suggested what he felt was a new and viable direction in fishing graphics and accessories, Mitcheson said, "Let's do it"...and the idea for GetReel...GetFish! was hatched.

GetReel...GetFish's tagline of "Bare Bones Fishing Gear" is mirrored in the strikingly fresh, simple and appealing graphics of skeletal designs from sportfishing. Mike and George have expanded the line out from Florida, providing attractive graphics of interest to the extended geographic boundaries the Get Reel...Get Fish! brand is now beginning to reach.

We sincerely hope that we are able to count you as one of our deeply appreciated and well-satisfied customers.

THANK YOU! for allowing us this opportunity.

G.A. (George) Mitcheson

A division of Native Sun Sports

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